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Kitten Names - Pick The Best One

When choosing a name for your new kitten, you are searching for that name that really fits your pet. Sometimes other people have a negative reaction to a kitten's name. That is probably because of all the old wives tales about cats. If that doesn't bother you, go ahead and name your kitten Specter like a friend of mine did, if the name fits the look of your kitten and its wild personality.

There are many categories of kitten names. A web search brings up 359,000 results. When you go to a kitten name site, you can browse by gender, breed, cute, origin as in what country the name originated in and so forth. When a site lists kitten names from various countries it will give the origin and the meaning of the name. Some sites let you rate the names with stars.

One of the sites [] is setup to search by gender, next category, and lastly subcategory. There are sites where you can answer questions that help you pick a name for your kitten.

Some sites let you vote on whether you think the name is a kitten name or better for another kind of pet. Some other factors for picking a kitten's name are color, long or short haired, and size.

Kitten Naming Tips

Make sure you know if your kitten is a boy or a girl. Get to know your new kitten a bit before choosing a name. What is her/his personality like? A cute kitten name may not be fitting for your grown cat, though this may not bother you. Once you have a name or two in mind start a list. Some people consider names beyond two syllables too long. If you want your kitten to come to you by name, a shorter one is better. You may name your kitten King Mighty Cat and Mighty can be a one syllable nick name or King Mighty the two syllable nickname that the household uses to call the kitten.

If you have other pets make sure the name for the new kitten isn't similar to lessen confusion. Some people say that cats know when they are being made fun of, therefore, don't name your kitten something that makes people laugh.
Don't name your kitten something that you or family members will be embarrassed to use. A cutesy name may be too cute for the male members of the family to be comfortable in using.

Learning Her Name

A kitten can be trained to learn her name by repetition, though some take a bit longer to catch on. When you are feeding her, playing with her or petting - these are good times to repeat her name. When she answers to her name tell her what a good kitty she is and pet her while saying her name. Call her and give her a reward when she comes to you.

Don't scream her name if you are angry with her. Hopefully you won't scream at her, but we are human. You don't want your kitten associating her name with anger or other negative emotions. When she learns to associate you calling her name with good experiences, she will respond by running to you.

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